Evening at Pantai Balok

Pantai Balok

Petai Flowers at Sungai Semuji

Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation

Pekan: Ketupat Mangkuk Kera

Silver Eared Messiah at Frasers Hill


The Cool Ambiance of the Cameron Highlands

The journey from the foot of the hill to the summit is an adventure in itself. You can take a leisurely drive up the old road from the town of Tapah in

Deerland Malaysia – World of Nature Park

This popular privately-owned nature attraction, which is located on a 4-hectare site at Bukit Rengit is set within the pristine and verdant Krau Forest Reserve. It is divided into two attractions –

Shopping in Kuantan – Three Shopping Malls

The latest shopping attraction in Kuantan, the East Coast Mall is the third mall in Kuantan and is set to pamper shoppers in this part of the country. Chock-full of outlets ranging

It was Hollywood’s Fabled Bali Hai – Thats Tioman

Considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Tioman is the largest island within the Seribuat Archipelago off the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia and the most developed of the

Beauty and Legends of Mysterious Tasik Chini

Ensconced within a quiet corner of Pahang is the legendary Tasik Chini (Lake Chini). The colourful folklore and legends of this enchanting lake reflect the imagination of the original people, the Orang Asli (aborigines)

Best of the Tropics…only in Pahang!

Set within a lush, tropical landscape, Pahang is a theatre of cultural and sensual contrasts. The rich heritage and abundant natural resources of this Malaysian state jostle for space within the dynamism

Of the Sea and the Beaches

Pahang’s 210 kilometres of coastline, stretching continuously from north to south on the eastern side of the state facing the South China Sea is a haven for seaside vacationers. Along the way,

Getting to Pahang

The road network in the state has improved considerably over the years with the construction of an expressway (the East-Coast Expressway) traversing west to east. The latest stretch exits as far north

Food: The Taste of Pahang Cuisine

Unknown to many, Pahang can be a food-lovers haven in terms of value for money and variety. Of course, the most popular food centres, representing the various districts can be found in

Pahang Tourism Information Centre

Once in Kuantan, drop in at the Pahang Tourism office on Jalan Masjid. Here you can get more detailed information about attractions and sights in Pahang, as well as more ideas on

Exquisite and Refined – Tenun Pahang DiRaja

It was said that silk weaving in Pahang began with the settling of Malays of the Bugis descent in the state. They migrated to Pahang in 1722 to escape the cruelty of

The other enclave – Taman Negara Merapoh

An alternative route into Taman Negara is through Sungai Relau, which is about 7km from the town of Merapoh, near Kuala Lipis. Before venturing into the heart of Taman Negara from Sungai Relau

Endau-Rompin State Park – the watershed of the rivers

The Endau-Rompin State Park covers the watershed of the rivers, Endau in Johor and Rompin in Pahang – over some 488 sq. kilometres of verdant tropical rainforest. Lush and pristine, it is